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Tel: 01423 358686
email: kristian@specialistcars.net

Introduce a friend, relative or colleague to Specialist Cars and we'll give you £50 cash...
How to use this Recomend-a-Friend Card.
1. Print this page.
2. Contact Specialist Cars and give them the name and address of the person you recommend.
3. Fill in yours and your recommended friends details below and hand in to Specialist Cars
4. If your recommendation leads to a car being sold we will foward you £50 cash
Your name -
Your Address -

Telephone No -
email address - 
Your friends name -
Your Address -

Telephone No -
email address -
1 You must notify the Specialist Cars of your friends name etc. prior to their first visit to the dealership
2 Taxation - Specialist Car sis not responsible for tax on payments made under this scheme. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01423 358686
3 This offer is applicable to retail vehicles only